Symptom Counter

The infamous symptoms question. Doctors are always asking, "What symptoms are you having?" Then when you unload your novel-length list of symptoms on them, they change their question, "Okay, well what is the symptom that bothers you most?" To which I can only respond LOLOLOLOL. So, for anyone who is curious about the symptoms experienced… Continue reading Symptom Counter


The Little Things Are The Big Things

I got to go out to lunch with my wife today. That may not sound like a big deal for most, but for someone who hasn't left the house except for rides in ambulances and doctors' appointments, it was pretty monumental. We went to a local sushi joint, enjoyed good food, great company and awesome… Continue reading The Little Things Are The Big Things

Sometimes Validation Is The Best Medicine

Soooo, yesterday was my appointment at Stanford Neurology. It felt like I was never going to make it there both because my health just kept getting in the way and traffic in the Bay Area is a complete shit show wrapped in a train wreck. A typical 1 hr 20 min drive became a 2… Continue reading Sometimes Validation Is The Best Medicine

Just Stoooooooop!

I apologize in advance for the stream of consciousness word vomit that is about to fill this page. It’s just that I haven't felt like my health was this unstable since mid 2009. It is something awful every day. Literally everyday. Today, it was me being awoken at 6:15am by a terrible head rush. Like… Continue reading Just Stoooooooop!

“Chronic illness is awesome,” said NO ONE EVER.

So this is where it began. My Dys story. The story of how I went from being a strong, vibrant, healthy, athletic 25 year old who was applying to medical school to whatever the hell purgatory I'm in now. I mean sure, I look pretty much the same on the outside, but my body does… Continue reading “Chronic illness is awesome,” said NO ONE EVER.


Welcome to my blog chronicling life with Dysautonomia. Just in case you haven't read my About page. Quick Disclaimer: This blog is likely to contain copious amounts of profanity, snark, morbid humor and bitchiness. It will also be sprinkled with medical facts for good measure. If you read the word Dysautonomia and thought, "Dys-auto-what," you're… Continue reading Dys-Auto-What?